7 Ways to Protect Your Happiness | Victoria Jiju

Within this life, you will experience so many ups and downs. Often it's the bad times that stay with us longer than good times. Therefore, I  believe it's imperative to try and look after your own happiness and promote it more frequently within everyday life. Below you will find 7 simple-ish tips that will help you protect your own happiness. After all, we only have one life, so we may as well try to spend it as happy as possible, right? 
1. Focus on the here and now.It's so easy in life to focus on the event from your past that makes feel unhappy. You focus on it so much you stop yourself doing that thing ever again so you don't feel upset or embarrassed.  Similarly, you may be focusing on the future too much, focusing on an event that's making you nervous. So how can you protect your happiness? The key is to focus on the here and now. At this moment right now, what could you do to make yourself happier? Do you need to eat, talk to someone, sleep, or even just brea…

30 Day Self-Care Challenge | Victoria Jiju

This challenge will help you put in the correct foundations for a productive self-care routine that will benefit you in all areas of life. These building blocks will allow you to look after all areas of yourself so that by the end of the month you are practicing a more productive and beneficial self-care routine. Carrying out small acts of self-care every day means that your body is continuously looked after and there is less chance of you experiencing 'burnout'. Burnout is where your body can no longer function at the rate you trying to push it. Therefore, I encourage you to partake in this 30-day challenge to practice a balanced lifestyle.**Feel free to screenshot, save, and print this list so you can follow along with it. If you would like a printable version feel free to email and I'll send you a copy. **

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life | Victoria Jiju

Sometimes life gets on top of you, and it just feels like there is so much going on it's overwhelming. Within this post, you will find 5 ways that will help you de-stress and realign your thoughts.  After practicing some of the given ideas, you should feel like some of that stress is lifted off your shoulders. Sometimes, clearing the physical clutter will help you clear out your mental clutter. So here you have it, 5 ways to declutter your life.

1. Go Through Your Emails 
We all have inboxes that fill up with subscriptions that we forgot we even signed up to. A weekly newsletter to every retailer and some you've never even shopped at - no thank-you! Take some time out of your day ard re-prioritize your emails, unsubscribe to content you no longer need in your inbox. You can also delete all the junk that you've never opened or needed in the first place. Seeing your emails go from 200 down 10  maybe a little bit more manageable. Even though you were never going to open those o…

30 Days of Chick-Flicks | Victoria Jiju

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate Chick-Flick challenge?

Grab your popcorn because below you will find some of the most nostalgic, feel-good movies that you may have even forgotten about.  30 days of movie goodness, they may not have the best reviews but they still hold a special place in our heart. 
1. 13 Going on 30 2.  Clueless  3.  Mean Girls  4. She's all That  5. When Harry Met Sally 6. Pretty Woman  7. 27 Dresses 8. John Tucker Must Die  9. 50 First Dates  10. Step-Up 11. Burlesque 12. The Devil Wears Prada  13. Miss Congeniality 14. Bring it On  15. Honey  16. She's the Man   17. Honey  18. Legally Blonde 19.Legally Blonde: Red White and Blonde 20. Princess Diaries  21. Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement  22. A Cinderella Story 23. Sex and the City the Movie 24.Sex and the City 2  25. You've got Mail 26. Breakfast at Tiffany's 27. Grease 28. Easy A  29. Aquamarine 30. Parent Trap
Are there any movies you would add to the list, let me know in the comments below.   Thanks for Reading…

5 Habits that will Make Your Morning More Organised | Victoria Jiju

One of the key ways to have the most productive morning routine before you head to school/college/work is to prepare. The quote 'fail to prepare or prepare to fail' fits so well with this process. If you follow these 5 habits you are much more likely to have a super smooth morning and get out the door on time. So here you go, 5 habits that will help organise your morning.

1. Set Out Your Clothes By setting your entire outfit the night before including; clothes, accessories, shoes, and bag you will save yourself so much time in the morning. Ever looked in your wardrobe and thought I have nothing to wear? Then spent the next 20 minutes trying on combinations that lie in a pile on the floor? Me too. So save that 20 minutes of frantic frustration, and do the hard work the night before. All you'll have to do is get dressed and you'll have all the extra time for sleep or breakfast.

2. Prepare Your Lunch  Similarly, prepare your lunch. Have your lunch ready to put in your bag and…

The Ultimate Hand Luggage Check List | Victoriajiju

Many of us have had to put our travel plans on hold with Covid-19 entering our lives. However, more recently the travel ban has been lifted and some have decided to start traveling again. Regardless of whether you're having a staycation in a lodge or have decided to book a holiday abroad, here is the ultimate hand luggage check-list. 

Documents and Money  Passport/driving license Boarding pass (self-printed or on phone)Insurance documents Hotel documents Money for the country you're traveling to Money from the country you're traveling from Technology  Phone Phone ChargeriPad iPad charger Earphones E-reader
Cosmetics  Wipes Toothbrush and Toothpaste Lip Balm  Entertainment  Book MagazineNotepad and PenTravel Game Puzzle Book
Valuables  Any valuables you don't want to risk being lostGlasses and Sunglasses  Medication  Any daily medication you take Paracetamol/ibroprofen
Food Whatever snacks you like Gum or Mints Comfort  Travel Pillow Travel Blanket Spare Pair of Socks 
I hope this list …

25 Positive Affirmations to Start Using Today | Victoria Jiju

Positive affirmations may sound ridiculous, you may think saying 'I can do this' over and over again may not make you do it any better but, surprisingly it does. 
The Science. There is a proven psychological theory behind positive affirmations that suggests continuous and pro-longed use of positive affirmations improves our mental self-worth, self-efficacy (our ability to control outcomes) all because you're changing your mental narrative around how you perceive yourself. 

What does that Mean? In essence it means, saying positive mantras often can make you feel more positive, which in turn is more likely to make you more successful at something. 
With this in mind, I have developed 25 positive affirmations you should definitely start using to promote you inner and outer positivity.

Positive Affirmations  
1. I am good enough. 2. Everything that is happening now will benefit my future. 3. I have the knowledge to get me to where I want to be. 4. I inspire others. 5. I have the ability …

Book Review: Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams | Victoria Jiju

''Light-Hearted, Modern and Fun'' Victoria Jiju

Whilst looking for a new book I stumbled across what seemed like entire book communities recommending this one. Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams. So I thought why not give ago. Reverting back to my typical chic-lit roots I decided it would be worth a read.  Keep reading to find out what its about, my thoughts and ultimately would I recommend.
What is it About? 

Our stop, pens the stories of Nadia and Daniel and their series of missed connections. Nadia is a twenty-something year-old women trying to get her s**t together since a pretty brutal break-up. Nadia attempts to get the 7:30am train to work in the morning in the efforts to get her life back on track. Daniel on the other hand gets the 7:30am train to work everyday without fail. Whilst noticing Nadia on one of the rare occurrences she makes it on to the train, Daniel decides to write a note to Nadia in the 'missed connections' section of the newspaper. Now readin…

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13 Ways to Practice Self-Care | Victoria Jiju

Self-care is incredibly important. Often there is not enough emphasis on how important it is to take breaks and check-in with yourself in order to be your best self. Everyone needs a break from time-to-time to assess their life and generally get themselves together, because girl, burnout doesn't look good on anyone. So here goes, a list of 13 small things you can do to make-sure you are looking after your mind, body and soul.
1. Have a 24 Hour Social Media Detox
It's so easy to get sucked in to social media. Sometimes it's inspiring but, often it's draining. Reading about other people’s 'picture-perfect' lives and consuming this, you think you need to make your life different or even better so it looks more like theirs. More often than not, you don't actually need this in your life. So every now and then it's important for your mental health to take a break, switch off from everybody else's life and focus solely on yours. 

2. Take a Bath and do a full …

6 Quotes You NEED To Live Your Life By | Victoria Jiju

Quotes can be incredibly inspiring and may seem to fit with a number of circumstances in your life. That’s why I have cherry-picked a few that I think you should definitely live your life by. These quotes, if you choose to live by them should inspire you to be yourself, embrace your body and ultimately prioritise yourself.

1. Don’t Loose Yourself Trying to be Someone Else.

It’s very easy in life to change your personality, style, weight and opinions to please others. As soon as you alter these things to please someone other than yourself, you start to loose parts of your uniqueness that make you, you. Take the lead from this quote and protect your uniqueness at all costs. There’s only one you, we don’t need to be carbon copies of each other, so say your opinions, dress how you like because, the only person you should ever change for is you.
2. Slow Progress is Still Progress.
It's so important to remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. If you take this mindset to whatever ch…