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Tips For Getting into Fitness When You're Unfit | Victoria Jiju

Sometimes some us who maybe haven't participated in a peck of exercise decide we want to but don't really know where to star.  So below I've constructed the process of how I began to regularly exercise without becoming overwhelmed or embarrassed. Photo by  cottonbro  from  Pexels 1. Try at-home workouts  For me, I couldn't think of anything worse than exercising alongside pro's who make you look or feel incompetent and like you aren't good enough.  Take it in small steps, try working out at home in an environment that your comfortable with and build your strength and endurance to a level that you may feel more comfortable about in more public areas.  ( Disclaimer : If you're confident to go to the gym and are happy in your environment, good for you - do it! I'm just stating what has worked best for me) Photo By Pxiabay from Pexels 2. Don't Overdo It  I think it's incredibly easy to overestimate what you will be abl

30 things to do before you're 30! | Victoria Jiju

As the years go by we all get older. One minute we are waiting for the day we turn 18 and the next you're thinking about how to advance in your career, are you on the right path? Should you be married? Children? Who knows? It's no lie your 20's are probably some of the most exploratory years of your life from naive teenager to the painstaking reality of work and bills, we've all been through an experience or two. This year I will be turning 25 and thought it would be nice to make a list of things I hope to achieve by the time I'm 30.  Travel  1. Visit New York 2. Explore the South of France 3. Travel to Italy  4. Go Glamping 5. Explore the South of England and all of its beauty (Cornwall) 6. Go to India  Life  Photo by  Secret Garden  from  Pexels

STEAL HER STYLE: Blake Lively | Victoria Jiju

Blake has always had effortless style from screen to street. So with this post I am going to show you how you can steal her style for a little less. It may not mimic the exact outfit but it most definitely gives off a classy essence for a more high street price tag. It also shows how to rock one colour head-to-toe but using different textures really makes everything so chic.  This skirt ( Dorothy Perkins ) goes a little over the knee whilst Blake's goes just above but you can't complain for the £14.40 price tag. If you want one a little more similar to Blake's with the faux zipped pockets click here . It has more of Blake's vibe however it does come with a £139.00 price tag.   Mimicking the 3/4 sleeve knitted jumper theme, I have found this little gem from H&M for a bargain price of £8.99.     When trying to locate a bag similar to Blake's I had a little more difficulty. However I think this one from Topshop for £25 is a great alternative,