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30 things to do before you're 30! | Victoria Jiju

As the years go by we all get older. One minute we are waiting for the day we turn 18 and the next you're thinking about how to advance in your career, are you on the right path? Should you be married? Children? Who knows? It's no lie your 20's are probably some of the most exploratory years of your life from naive teenager to the painstaking reality of work and bills, we've all been through an experience or two. This year I will be turning 25 and thought it would be nice to make a list of things I hope to achieve by the time I'm 30.  Travel  1. Visit New York 2. Explore the South of France 3. Travel to Italy  4. Go Glamping 5. Explore the South of England and all of its beauty (Cornwall) 6. Go to India  Life  Photo by  Secret Garden  from  Pexels