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9 Ways to Hygge up Your House | Victoria Jiju

As the weather becomes chillier you may feel more inclined to make your environment warmer, cozier and ultimatley more inviting. With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to the concept of Hygge.  What is Hygge?  Hygge is originally a Danish concept of acknowledging moments of coziness regardless of your surroundings and who you are with.  Arguably, there are ways to make your space a little more susceptible to creating these moments more regularly. Although, it is very likely you have already experience Hygge within your life and therefore may not need to change a thing. Regardless, here are 9 ways you can make your environment cozier this Autumn/Winter. 1. Candles Add candles around your home that you can light in the evening, there's something about candlelight, it creates a calming, cozy atmosphere that helps you feel more relaxed and at peace.  2. Throws and Blankets  Pop throws and Blankets around your home. Feeling warm and snuggling up will definitely create the Hygg

31 Halloween Movies: Countdown to Halloween | Victoria Jiju

October has arrived and that means Halloween is fast approaching.  Therefore, I have compiled a list from the 1st to the 31st of October with all the Halloween goodness. You will find a mix of sweet and scary films so make sure you check out the write-up to make sure it's not too scary for you. I hope you have the most spooky season ever.  Make sure to pin to Pinterest so you don't forget what movie to watch next.  1. Practical Magic  2. The Strangers 3. Beetlejuice  4. Hotel Transylvania  5. The Shining 6. Paranormal Activity  7. Friday the 13th  8. Halloween Town  9. Annabelle  10. Twitches 11. Goosebumps 12. The Addams Family 13. Scream 14. Halloween 15. Brothers Grimm  16. The Conjuring  17. The Craft  18. Casper  19. Twitches Too 20. The Corpse Bride 21. Sleepy Hollow  2. The Witches 23. Any Harry Potter Film 24. Final Destination 25. Nightmare on Elm Street 26. Monsters Inc 27. Halloween ||  28. IT 29. Return to Halloween Town 30. The Nightmare Before Christmas 31. Hocus