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As the seasons begin to change and you start to see the leaves fall from the trees, the weather calls for sweaters and hot drinks become a must, you know that Autumn is upon us. The change of seasons means there's a change of things we can do in around our cities, towns, and villages. Therefore, with the crisp leaves beneath our feet, I am going to let you know 19 things you can do this Autumn.

1. Go to your local coffee shop and order a drink from their seasonal special drinks.

Why not try a small independent cafe and give the small businesses in your area a little bit of support. 

2. Go Pumpkin Picking at Your Local Pumpkin Patch 

Simply google your local pumpkin patch and book a time to go. No pumpkin patches near you? Don't worry visit your local supermarket to grab your pumpkins.

3. Decorate Your House For Halloween 

What more do you need to get into the autumnal spirit than decorating your house for Halloween? If you don't want to go all out not to worry, simply add a few pumpkins and maybe an autumn wreath around your entryway and you should be good to go.

4. Go for a Crisp Autumn Walk 

Nothing screams autumn than crisp leaves crunching beneath your feet. Wrap up warm in your favourite autumn outfit and go for a picturesque walk. 

5. Watch some Autumnal TV Shows and Movies 

Try watching Gilmore girls or When Harry Met Sally to get you more into this autumn season. Stay tuned for the next blog post for more on what to watch this autumn.

6. Carve Pumpkins and Have a Competition

After you've picked your pumpkins from the patch, it's time to carve them into scary or even cute lanterns. Have a pumpkin carving date and invite your friends around and decide whose is best. 

7. Go to a Bonfire and see a Local Fireworks Display

If you live in the UK there's always bonfire night on the 5th November to get you fully into the swing of the season. There's nothing cozier than watching fireworks as your snuggled in your winter coat and warming your hands on the roaring bonfire

8. Make Luxury Hot Chocolate With cream and Marshmallows and any other yummy treats.

Come in after a cold day? Lock the door, put on the fire, and make yourself a luxurious mug of hot cocoa.

9. Do Some Autumnal Baking 

Surf Pinterest and look for your favourite autumnal treats; cake, pastries, and more. Why not even make some Halloween goodies. 

10. Have an Autumnal Picnic  

As the weather is just turning there is that last hint of warmth in the air, so bundle up in a cozy outfit pack some foodie goodness and find yourself a cute spot amongst the autumn leaves and enjoy.

11. Make a Hearty Autumnal Meal 

After baking all your yummy treats you'll be ready for some hearty foods. Why not try a yummy stew, hot pot, or even a baked potato for all that wholesome goodness. 

12. Go to a Market 

Visit your local craft or farmers market and pick all the newest autumn goodies to turn your house into an autumnal grotto. 

13. Do Autumn Crafts 

Don't want to spend money on autumn decorations? No worries go on a walk and pick pinecones, conkers, and leaves and make your very own unique crafts from wreaths to streamers, check out Pinterest for some super cute ideas. 

14. Make an Autumnal Flower Display 

Dried or fresh, you decide regardless, pick some of your favourite autumnal colours and select some beautiful flowers add them all together and make yourself a beautiful bouquet. 

15. Go, Apple Picking 

Pick some of the freshest apples that will be ripe and ready to pick and make a yummy apple pie or crumble to warm your soul. 

16. Buy Some Autumn Sents 

Stock up on your favourite candle scents, room sprays, and wax melts and give your home that cozy autumn feel.

17.  Take Up a Cozy Hobby 

Knitting, cross-stitch, conker collecting, take up a super cozy autumn hobby to get you feeling more autumnal. 

18. Go on a Shopping Spree

Summer clothes clogging up your wardrobe? Take yourself on a little shopping spree or go thrifting to find yourself a comfy, cozy autumn wardrobe.

19. Go to a Fright Night

Take a look around your local area and see if there is a fright night near you. Enjoy the Halloween autumn spirit in all its glory by being frightened with your nearest and dearest.

I hope you have a cozy Autumnal Season and enjoy your time spending time with friends and family, 


  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year! Great round-up of cozy and fun activities to take part in, I personally can't wait to visit pumpkin patches and pick apples from an orchard!

    1. Me too! So excited to go Pumpkin Picking, I hope Covid allows us to.
      Have a lovely day and thanks for commenting.

  2. Great post! Will definitely try with my husband.

    -Destiny from theyoungandrichless.com

    1. Ahhh great I hope you enjoy doing some of these things.
      Thanks for commenting, have a great day.

  3. Due to this pandemic I guess best thing to do is to watch autumn movies and bake a pie. Waiting for your next blog for some more suggestions on autumn movies.

    BLOG- https://jenyscloset.wixsite.com/jenyscloset/blog

    1. True, True. Hopefully you can do a few ore like having cozy drinks and going out for socially distant walk as well. They movies and TV shows are up now so I hope you check them out. Have a fabulous day, thanks for commenting today.

  4. Omg! Girlmore’s Girl is my favourite tv show for autumn!

    1. Such a good shows issn't especially for all those Autumn Vibes. Thanks for commenting have a great day.

  5. This post gives me all the soft and cozy feels!!

    1. I know write, gets me totally in the autumn feels. Thanks for commenting, have cozy day.


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