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What to Watch This Autumn | Victoria Jiju

If you're looking to get into the autumn spirit, get cozy and enjoy the changing seasons here is one of the best ways to do it! Grab a blanket, a hot chocolate, and some yummy snacks and cuddle up for the most autumnal shows and movies to grace your presence.
Movies • When Harry Met
• You've Got Mail
• Good Will Hunting
• Hocus Pocus
• Autumn in New York
• Dead Poets Society 
• The Craft
• Practical Magic 
• Step Mom 
• Matilda
• Labyrinth
• Sleepy Hollow 
TV Shows  • Gilmore Girls  
• The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina • Sabrina the Teenage Witch 
• Riverdale  • Stranger Things • Pretty Little Liars • Charmed  • The Haunting of Hill House  • American Horror Story  • The Vampire Diaries There's nothing that makes me feel more at peace than a good show in a cozy and comfy space. I hope you enjoy some of these cute autumnal and Halloween watches. For more to do this autumn click HERE.Let us know down below if you would recommend any other shows or movies. Thanks for reading the blog today,

19 Things To Do This Autumn | Victoria Jiju

As the seasons begin to change and you start to see the leaves fall from the trees, the weather calls for sweaters and hot drinks become a must, you know that Autumn is upon us. The change of seasons means there's a change of things we can do in around our cities, towns, and villages. Therefore, with the crisp leaves beneath our feet, I am going to let you know 19 things you can do this Autumn.
1. Go to your local coffee shop and order a drink from their seasonal special drinks.Why not try a small independent cafe and give the small businesses in your area a little bit of support. 
2. Go Pumpkin Picking at Your Local Pumpkin Patch Simply google your local pumpkin patch and book a time to go. No pumpkin patches near you? Don't worry visit your local supermarket to grab your pumpkins.
3. Decorate Your House For Halloween What more do you need to get into the autumnal spirit than decorating your house for Halloween? If you don't want to go all out not to worry, simply add a few …

5 Switches You Need to Make For a Better Nights Sleep | Victoria jiju

This week I went back to work after the six week holidays, with that been said, I have had such a hard time getting to sleep in the evening. This has lead me to research different ways that would help me get a better night's sleep. From all the research I have completed, I have picked out the key pieces that I think will help you have a better night's sleep. So grab a hot cup of coffee and read the switches you can make to have a better night's sleep starting tonight.
1. Switch your phone for a book Spending time on technology before bed suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin due to the blue light technology radiates. Using technology stimulates the brain into being more active therefore, the more technology you use before bed, the less chance you will have of having a good night's sleep. Consequently, I suggest the hour before you hope to fall asleep switch any technology out for a book. Old fashioned books or e-readers that use e-ink like the k…