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Within the past few weeks, I have read numerous posts on Instagram and on blogs by individuals who are saying that superficial self-care, meaning self-care we practice on the outside is not really self-care. Although I do agree that self-care is more than just getting your hair and nails done, having a hot bath, and doing a facemask, I think it's wrong to suggest these are types of self-care are not self-care. 

What is Self-Care?

First of all, I will address that I believe self-care to be a holistic approach to you and your body. This means taking care of all of the body's needs, not just the superficial surface ones. For example, it involves but is not limited to; ensuring your diet is good and that you getting the correct nutrients, making sure you socialize so you don't become isolated, and exercising regularly to keep our bodies fit and healthy. However, I also believe in superficial self-care and how these acts can have a deep impact on your overall wellbeing just as much as having the right diet or meditating.

This Post

Below I have documented 4 reasons why superficial self-care matters so you too, can accept that all types of self-care should have a place in our lives. 

Happiness - Self-Love

Sometimes getting your hair or nails done, putting on a luxury facemask just feels nice. Having treatments or simply relaxing resulting in you looking and feeling better is just what you need to love yourself that little bit more. Don't get me wrong I think we should love ourselves regardless of what we look like but, of sometimes it just feels better when you look in the mirror and you like what you see. Essentially you are feeding your body happiness by practicing these acts of self-care and as a result, you are practicing self-love. If that's what you want to do and know that it will make you feel better, I definitely think its an act of self-care no matter what anybody argues.

Skin and Beauty - Bodily Needs 

For me the practice of self-care is caring for yourself - Duh!? Therefore, regardless of whether needs are more essential such as nutrition and exercise or more superficial such as massage or a haircut, you're meeting your bodies need to feel content. Additionally, our skin and hair need just as much love as any other part of our body, so if putting a face-mask on to hydrate your dry skin is not an act of self-care I don't know what is. 

Psychology - Self-Worth

Superficial self-care is it's most basic sense can make us feel superficially better. We like what we see, we feel better about ourselves and this can increase our self-worth (the way we feel about ourselves). Therefore, even if we are only practicing these acts to make us feel better we are caring for ourselves as we feel more confident and happy in day to day living.

Overworked Bodies 

Lastly, superficial self-care helps relax our overworked bodies. Yes, I believe the issue could go deeper in ensuring that you get enough sleep every night however, if that's currently not a possibility, having a hot relaxing bath is 100% just as valid in helping you look after yourself as anything else. 

The Round-Up

My point is that why can't superficial and deeper versions of self-care exist simultaneously.  Why do we need to bash one for being inauthentic or invalid? Surely if we are taking the time to look after our bodies regardless of the method it is self-care. Sometimes we need that little bit of superficial self-care for our own happiness and self-worth. Therefore, while I hear you all saying s"isn't a hot bubble bath, it's about dealing with life's bigger issues and getting on top of them" - I would say, why can't it be both? Let's work on trying to get on top of life whilst also getting our hair done because, although they may have different results both acts can make us feel better and that's why superficial self-care matters.

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  1. I believe we all need selfcare in any shape or form. Whatever pleases your body, mind and soul.


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