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So the tips I am about to share may seem a little silly, however they have really helped me, so I thought I would share them with the internet realms. Money can be a major factor in your mental health and can be the root of many arguments and therefore it is important to know how to budget appropriately. As I'm currently completing an apprenticeship you could say that money is a little tight. Therefore with this in mind, my husband and I have had to be pretty savvy in order to get by in life whilst also getting some treats along the way. So here are 6 stages that have helped us get what we want.

1. Make a Table, Spreadsheet or Phone note for all your items.

2. Arrange Your Finances Accordingly

 My husband and I worked out we could get one £50 item a month from our collective income. For more pricier items for example £100 for garden furniture we may skip a month and save the £50 so that next month we had £100 to spend on what we wanted. On the other hand if we had two cheaper products we may buy two items that month.

3. Keep Writing Everything Down

 Writing down the exact item and shop you want it from gives you perspective of how much your item will cost. Seeing everything written down allows you to stay motivated when something is taking a lot of saving. You can look back at your table and see what you have already achieved and see how process works.

4. Stick to the Table

Try your hardest not to impulsively buy something when you see it. Buying something not from the table can knock the process as it means you can no longer get what you've planned for. Make sure that if you decide you want a new item, you add it to the list so it can be bought in due course.

5. Do NOT get Carried Away

 Although it may seem tempting to make a list as long as your arm of items, you should avoid doing this at all costs. Making your list too long, can lead to you becoming discouraged as you aren't getting all the items and lead to you spending more money than you actually have. I would advise a list of 5-10 items only adding a new item once one has already been ticked off.

6. Reap your Rewards and Check your Items Off
Recognise that the process works and tick your items off month by month. Enjoy your new items bought with your budgeting and saving skills.

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