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''Light-Hearted, Modern and Fun'' Victoria Jiju

Whilst looking for a new book I stumbled across what seemed like entire book communities recommending this one. Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams. So I thought why not give ago. Reverting back to my typical chic-lit roots I decided it would be worth a read.  Keep reading to find out what its about, my thoughts and ultimately would I recommend.

What is it About? 

Our stop, pens the stories of Nadia and Daniel and their series of missed connections. Nadia is a twenty-something year-old women trying to get her s**t together since a pretty brutal break-up. Nadia attempts to get the 7:30am train to work in the morning in the efforts to get her life back on track. Daniel on the other hand gets the 7:30am train to work everyday without fail. Whilst noticing Nadia on one of the rare occurrences she makes it on to the train, Daniel decides to write a note to Nadia in the 'missed connections' section of the newspaper. Now reading the newspaper Nadia speculates if indeed the comment is about her. And there begins the will-they-wont-they ever find each other, which makes up the main premise of the book.

As you can see by the coffee cup rating I did enjoy this book (4/5). You cannot deny it's a simple, light-hearted read that you'll be able to get through in less than a week. Set out in a typical Rom-Com fashion, we find a couple who may be into each other, which leads to potential disaster and ultimately ends in a happily-ever-after. Nothing too original about the concept however Williams does it well with her new-age ideas of missed connections and the undeniable link to feminism. It was nice to read a book with strong female characters, both Nadia and her friends knew their worth and wouldn't settle for anything less, which was a very refreshing take. Although, it arguably became slightly problematic when many of characters had pro-longed conversations around the subject which almost broke the spell of reading a story, rather it felt like reading headlines of a magazine. Although, it was fun and easy read and an indisputable page turner. However I will say there  were times of where to story felt a little too drawn out and I wanted to the chapter to end as it seemed nothing was particularly happening of substance.
Would I Recommend?
Yes, if your looking for an easy summer-read this is for you. Nothing too serious, just a relaxing read to get lost in. Whilst the book had it's downfalls, I had no regrets about spending my time reading it and all in all I would likely explore another book from this author.


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