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Quotes can be incredibly inspiring and may seem to fit with a number of circumstances in your life. That’s why I have cherry-picked a few that I think you should definitely live your life by. These quotes, if you choose to live by them should inspire you to be yourself, embrace your body and ultimately prioritise yourself.

1. Don’t Loose Yourself Trying to be Someone Else.

It’s very easy in life to change your personality, style, weight and opinions to please others. As soon as you alter these things to please someone other than yourself, you start to loose parts of your uniqueness that make you, you. Take the lead from this quote and protect your uniqueness at all costs. There’s only one you, we don’t need to be carbon copies of each other, so say your opinions, dress how you like because, the only person you should ever change for is you.

2. Slow Progress is Still Progress.

It's so important to remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. If you take this mindset to whatever challenge you're trying to accomplish in life, you’re less likely to get disheartened. So remember that regardless of what your trying to achieve; growing your blog, losing weight, saving for a house, even the smallest pocket of progress is still progress and it doesn't matter how fast you’re getting there, your doing the right things to get you there in the end. A small achievement is still an achievement.
3. You Have Nothing to Prove to Anyone but You.

When you're going through life it becomes very easy to want to impress certain people, it may be your; parents, teacher, boss, colleague or a friend but, at the end of the day all you need to remember is that, the the only person you're accountable to is yourself. Therefore, when it comes to doing better and making new goals you only need to meet your own expectations. Don’t let others set goals for you that you don’t want and don’t aim for goals your heart isn’t in, just to prove yourself to somebody else. This is your life, you only get one, so make the most of it.

4. You Don’t Need to be Pretty Like Her, You Can be Pretty Like You.

In a time in which we are flooded with social media it has become so easy to compare ourselves to others.  It has almost become second nature to many of us to scroll through pages and aspire to be or look like others. By living your life with this quote in mind you remind yourself YOU are good enough, you don't need to be like her or anyone else for that matter. You may look different to her picture-perfect Instagram but do any of us look like our perfectly presented and filtered Instagram pages? I think not. Therefore, say it loud and say it often you are 'pretty' and you 'don't need to be anyone else but you.'

5. Focus on the Good.

Quite simply focus on the good. It's very easy to focus on our downfalls, bad times, sad times and failures but we don't need to. Once that negative situation has happened as hard as it is, try put it in past. You don't need to dwell on the negativity, rather use the experience to improve yourself, learn from the pitfalls and hard times to improve your life and open new doors. Focusing on the good has the power to change your life from negative to positive. Start today and release all of that negativity, it's not serving you or your energy well.

6. When You Start Taking Care of Yourself, You Start Feeling Better and You Start to Attract Better. It all Starts With You.
Even though this quote is pretty self-explanatory, if you stop for a minute and think, how if we start from the basics and truly look after ourselves, we truly can improve our lives in totality. Good things come to those who are positive, confident and hardworking, so start from the bottom, look after yourself because, a well looked after individual will feel better meaning, you can work better and attract better. Look after yourself, you can choose the destination your life is going to arrive at.

I hope one of these quotes inspires you and you can apply it to your life. Let me know which quote is your favourite.

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