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Sometimes some us who maybe haven't participated in a peck of exercise decide we want to but don't really know where to star.  So below I've constructed the process of how I began to regularly exercise without becoming overwhelmed or embarrassed.

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1. Try at-home workouts 
For me, I couldn't think of anything worse than exercising alongside pro's who make you look or feel incompetent and like you aren't good enough.  Take it in small steps, try working out at home in an environment that your comfortable with and build your strength and endurance to a level that you may feel more comfortable about in more public areas. 

(Disclaimer: If you're confident to go to the gym and are happy in your environment, good for you - do it! I'm just stating what has worked best for me)

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2. Don't Overdo It 
I think it's incredibly easy to overestimate what you will be able to do when you feel inspired.  Therefore, when you first think about how you want to get into exercise make a realistic goal.

Try to avoid the attitude that you will work-out every day because when you miss a day, you will more than likely feel like you've failed. Once that failure sets in, it can be a downward slope into choosing to continue not to exercise 'because you've already missed a day'.  

I set a two-week schedule on week 1 I work out three times and on the second I work out for 2 days. Setting more measurable goals that are more attainable are more motivating when you meet them each week.

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3. Timing is Everything
Similar to the last point, try not to work out for prolonged periods of time where you give up as it becomes too hard.  I suggest working out for 30minute periods at a time. 30 minutes allows you to put in maximum effort without burning out and becoming un-motivated because you cannot last the full session. You can build up the length of time you workout once your body is stronger.

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4. Change it Up 
Try different exercises so you don't become bored. Currently, I have been participating in Joe Wickes - 30 min sessions, Yoga with Adrienne, as well as dog-walking. 

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5.Persevere and be Patient with Yourself
Remember this isn't going to be an easy journey you are training your body, you're going to sweat and be tired but push through where you can. On the other hand recognise when you need a break and take a few minutes or modify exercises so you find them more manageable. 

6. Keep it up and see your fitness improving every week!


  1. Thanks for the tips! These are great!

  2. These are really easy tips that would benefit anyone trying to improve their fitness. Great positivity too :)

  3. Yay, a great list on how to start exercising! I'm super lazy, and if I try any form of exercise at home, I know that I have a snack cupboard in the next room, and my comfy sofa is right there... ���� However, I have started walking twice a day, and I'm working my way up to 10,000 steps a day. So far this week, I've managed 5,700 (average) every day, so I'm getting there! �� for another great post x

    1. I know the feeling it so easy to snack or binge. I've been trying to do small amounts of excercise to build up. I hope you manage to get your 10,000 steps. Keep pushing.

  4. These are really actionable tips!

    1. Thanks, I hope they help you.
      Have a lovely week,



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