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As you may have seen in a recent post '3 empowering TV show post' I’ve been enjoying watching the TV show Younger. I thought as I’ve enjoyed the TV show for so long, I would give the book that it's based on ago. As with my last book the Lifeboat, I am still enjoying Auidable for free so I indulged in the second free book that they offered me.

Whats it About?

Alice a forty-year-old divorcee who finds she has to manage her life, new career and love life after faking her identity as younger 20-something women to get her job in the publishing industry. Her forty-year-old life and 26-year-old life continue to cross causing a fabulous explosion romance, drama and comedy.


I know it's often stated that if you've seen the show don't read the book and vice versa, but I did and I can see why that's a thing. Although this book resembles some of the show,I feel it's somewhat of a stretch to say the book is behind the series. It's not just one or two of the characters which the show changed but almost the entire cast.  Therefore,if you've seen the show,as sad as it sounds I feel like I would give the book a miss because the contradictions become frustrating as the book and TV characters differ so much.  Whilst its undeniable the premise of the show stems from the book it's ultimately different.I would say that its not a given that if you like one you will like the other.

Giving the book a review in it's own right, I woulds say it's average, not fantastic but not horrific. On Amazon the book was described as a laugh out loud romantic comedy and whilst it was a Rom-com I would argue it wasn't particularly laugh out loud worthy. The story line is particularly unique and not something I've ever read before and therefore gets top marks for originality. Although there was something about this book which wasn't grabbing me and I found the book sometimes just wasn't engaging enough. I particularly found her daughter Diana irritating and shallow which made parts of the book feel they lasted a long time. The book additionally is a lot less PG than the show with explicit sex scenes and deeper insight into the protagonist thought processes and reasoning which make is more helpful to see why she is making the decisions she is.

Would I Recommend?

  Whilst I did find the book a little lackluster in comparison to the series my firm thoughts would be if you haven't seen the series read it however if have play it safe and give it a miss.

Stay tuned for the next book review which is be Our Stop by Laura Jane williams. Let us know your current read below!


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