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 Covid-19 has reared it's ugly head and kept us all housebound- were possible. Therefore regardless of whether lockdown is lifted or you simply just do not have money, here is a list of 20 things to do in the House.

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1. Make a three-course meal.
Choose your a favourite meal you would pick at a restaurant, find the recipe online and cook it for yourself. 

2. Find a new series and binge-watch the entire thing over a few days. 
My current favourite shows are Grey Anatomy, Hot in Cleveland, Chicago P.D, Younger and any true crime I can get my hands on. Choose anything that gets you completely engrossed.

3. Organise your kitchen cupboards.
We all have one of those overflowing cupboards, whether it's your pans, spices, tins, dry foods start by taking everything out, check for expiration dates, clean the cupboard out and then re-organise. 

4. Walk your dog (not technically in the house but a free activity and allowed).

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5. Use Pinterest to make a mood board of how you want your bedroom or another room to look. 
I've recently done this for every room in my house and found new vibes I want to ultimately achieve - check out my Pinterest www.pintrest.com/VictoriaJiju

6. Paint your nails.

7. Have a spa night.
Run a bubble bath, moisturise, facemask, hair mask, fresh pyjamas with a new relaxing playlist.

8. Do a workout. 
I love Joe Wickes - The Body Coach workouts as well as Yoga with Adrienne - Both can be found for free on youtube.

9. Do a free google course.
Why not expand your resume with a free accredited course from Google such as the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

10. Read a book or download an Audible book.
As per my previous post, you can I see my recent books have been, The Lifeboat, and Younger and I quite enjoyed them both.

11. Find a new podcast.
I love true-crime podcast so I have recently been listening to Serial Killers and The Boston Stangler.

12. Bake a cake, cookies, brownies, doughnuts anything you want really!
Find a recipe or look on Pinterest for inspiration, grab your ingredients and bake.

13. Check out your favourite magazines online. 
Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Vogue, find your typical magazine and read their online content.

14. Write a poem/short story/novel.
You'll find my latest always published to blog under literature.

15. Groom your animal, bath, brush and spray away.
Unless they've been groomed recently most animal can do with a little spruce make sure they are clean and healthy and give them a little extra TLC.

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16. Start a blog, start a website, start a youtube page, start an Instagram.
If you've been thinking about starting a new hobby, business or page do it now. Start producing content, taking pictures, writing posts and begin your new creative adventure.

17. Tidy a room in your house top to bottom, rearrange furniture and make it feel like new.
Nothing makes you feel better than a tidy house, so start small focus on just one room and tidy it till it sparkles.

18. Play a board game with your family, partner or friends.
Break out the old board games and have a family games night. If you don't have any board games why not try Place, Animal, Thing - click here to find the rules

19. Wash and Change your bedding give your room a new look. 

20. Make a little flower patch in your garden.
Weed, the area, put down compost,  order some seeds, plant and water - reap your rewards over the new next few weeks. 


  1. This is a great list! I love to take my dog for a walk, its a grea excuse to get outdoors.

  2. Superb Content ! Keep doing Good work All the Best

  3. except 19th point i do everything else
    it was a good post­čĹî


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