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I decided that when lockdown began I would check-out audible and grab the free book offer. I found more good news when it said if you have Amazon Prime you can have two free books. I thought seen as though the book was free I would try something out of my usual chic-lit genre. This is how I came to download The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan.

Set in 1914 The Lifeboat tells the story of Grace Winter a lady who survives the sinking of the ocean liner Empress Alexander. Not long after the sinking of the Titanic, Grace boards the ship with her new husband Henry.  Squeezed into a departing lifeboat as an explosion causes the boat to sink, Grace leaves her new beloved for a seat.

In the lifeboat captained by ships officer Mr Hardie, Grace shares her 21 days of turmoil at sea with her mostly female passengers.  Moving away from the wreckage the newly found crew now have to work- or not in some cases, to survive their passage until they meet their demise or rescue. 

The story tells the tales of Grace's experiences within the lifeboat- the diminishing rations, the illness and death and fear of the unknown.  The novel to's and frows with the past present as Grace stands trial for actions upon the lifeboat and reflects back on her 21 days at sea.

Sounds dramatic right? Indeed it is. The book keeps you engaged from start to finish.  Hidden amongst the vivid imagery sits an underlying theme of feminism. The book examines the strong woman in 1914 and how they can hold their own. The theme of feminism is entwined seamlessly with the storyline and leaves you wanting more. Through the trial and tribulations of Grace's experiences of friendship, obligation, morality, choice and most importantly survival we really feel what it may have been like to be stranded at sea. 

Would I recommend? Yes, I would if you like drama, historical and somewhat realistic storytelling this is the book for you. You can easily tear through the book in a few days as each chapter leaves you wanting to know the future of the lifeboat passengers.

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