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Ironically whilst I have titled this post saving pennies that’s not exactly what I’m doing. Rather I am changing my mindset about items/products which has ultimately resulted in saving money. As a couple my husband and I stick to a pretty tight budget. For a long time this has got us both down as we haven't always been able to purchase or get everything we want.One thing we have come to realise is that when you don’t have a lot of money, it often becomes easy for negative-talk to become part of your every-day life. For example: I’m bored, we can’t afford to do anything, we are  constantly struggling and so on and so forth. However, after reading one of the chapters of 'You are a Badass' by Jen Sincero I came to realise that ones self-talk really does effect how you can feel in a financially tight situation. 


I wish I could afford to go to the cinema........I am lucky to have Netflix and many TV shows at my fingertips, I have thousands of options. 

I want to go out and eat but we can’t afford....... I am grateful to be able to buy shopping every week which enables me to have have lovely foods I can cook in my own home.

I really want to redecorate but can’t afford new furniture...... I am very lucky to have all the furniture I have. Also, I could look up inexpensive or free ways to alter furniture I already have to get my required look. 

I want to go on a lavish romantic date ....... Let's get creative and make a cute date night on a budget.

I could go on and write these examples for an hour or two but I won’t because the premise is there....positive self talk. This rewiring is imperative in building a happier outlook on life. If you told me this last week I probably would of said don’t be silly, but it’s been a couple of days since reading the book and I  have been trying to rewire my own thoughts and have felt a significant difference.

Why not give it a try?
you don’t have anything to loose.


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